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Informed Citizens

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Conversation Starters for Grades 5 and Up

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation is all about starting productive conversations on tough topics.  Articles published in The Legal Eagle, our legal newspaper for kids, Respect, our diversity & inclusion newsletter, and The Informed Citizen, our civics blog, can be used during “special months,” “special weeks” and on “special days” to spark thoughtful conversations.

The items below are linked to past articles found on The Informed Citizen or the companion blogs for The Legal Eagle (The Lowdown) and Respect (The Rundown) or to PDFs of past issues that contain relevant articles.

Click on this link for a flyer to share: NJSBF Conversation Starters 2023.

All articles posted to The Lowdown, The Rundown or The Informed Citizen include relevant glossary words and discussion questions for ready-made lesson plans. Click on the topic below to view a list of articles to read or download.