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Diversity & Inclusion

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation (“NJSBF”) is committed to promoting and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion internally as well as in its programming and public outreach.

The NJSBF recognizes that the broad concept of diversity includes, among other characteristics, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, age and ability. The NJSBF fosters and promotes an inclusive environment that gives value to the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organizations in all aspects of the NJSBF.

The NJSBF further recognizes that:

  • Increased diversity and inclusion efforts benefit not only the NJSBF, but also the entire legal profession.
  • Bringing diverse individuals and viewpoints together creates opportunities for all.
  • In order for the NJSBF to reflect the diversity of and benefit the community it serves, inclusive efforts must be supported by the Board, Board Committees, and staff of the NJSBF through diligent and continuous actions.
  • Ongoing training and education is integral to diversity and inclusion efforts, so as to break down structural inequities that have previously prevented progress.
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive environment requires a commitment and consistent momentum, and achieving diversity and inclusion goals requires unwavering commitment by the NJSBF.

For these aforementioned reasons, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation reaffirms its
commitment to diversity and inclusion through the following actions:

  1. Promoting full, equal and equitable participation and access to the NJSBF and its programs, as well as in the justice system;
  2. Using its best efforts to increase access and representation of all individuals from historically-underrepresented backgrounds within the NJSBF and in the NJSBF’s programming and outreach;
  3. Measuring and encouraging hiring, recruitment and retention of diverse organizational partners, staff, volunteers, and program participants.

Adopted: April 27, 2022