National Mock Trial Competition

Congratulations to West Morris Mendham High School who placed 10th overall in the National High School Mock Trial Competition held in Reno, Nevada. The team racked up wins against Connecticut, Arizona and Iowa.

Rocking the Mock

Students get into the spirit of the NJSBF’s “Rock the Mock” photo booth at the Southern, Northern and Central Regional Mock Trials.

Courtroom Artist Contest

Winners of the 2018 High School Courtroom Artist Contest display their winning entries.

Violence Against Women

Ray Brown moderates the Foundation’s Violence Against Women on College Campuses Update 2018 Program.

Unconscious Bias

Attendees take the Implicit Association Test (IAT) on their laptops at the Foundation’s Why We Bully: Unconscious Bias training. 

Peer Mediation

Student peer mediators assist attendees at the Foundation’s Middle/High School Peer Mediation training

Character Education

Attendees work on drawings for a Respect Quilt at the Foundation’s Elementary Character Education training

Understanding HIB

In an interactive group activity, attendees at the Foundation’s Why We Bully: Understanding HIB Characteristics training, challenge their ideas of stereotypical gender roles.

Talking About Race

In an exercise titled “Privilege Walk,” attendees to the Foundation’s Why We Bully: Talking About Race training learn what privilege means and how it can propel them in front of “the line” or put them behind it.

Law Adventure Program

Middle school students arrive at the New Jersey Law Center to participate in the Foundation’s Law Adventure Program.

Law Fair Program

A “witness” is sworn in at the Foundation’s Law Fair Program.

SAC Workshop

More than 65 educators attended the 2018 Student Assistance Coordinators Workshop.

2018 Law & Disability Issues Conference

Attendees at the Law & Disability Issues Conference listen to the plenary session that focused on medical-legal partnerships. 

Top Stories

Deadline to Enter Competitions Approaching

REMINDER:  The deadline to submit entries to the Law Fair (grades 3 – 6) and Law Adventure (grades 7 & 8) Competitions is January 31, 2019. For more information about Law Fair click here, and for Law Adventure click here.


NJSBF Releases New Video

Take a look at this short video that highlights the great work of the Foundation.





Martin Allen
Mark Anderl and Hon. Esther Salas
Maria C. Anderson

Lucia G. Appleby
Ronald C. Appleby

Vincent J. Apruzzese
Richard J. Badolato
Gerald Baker
Hon. Peter F. Bariso Jr.

Hon. Marie White Bell
Rebecca Benjamin
Kelly Ann Bird
Cristobal C. Blades
William G. Brigiani
Peter J. Broege
Paulette Brown

Tamara J. Britt
Hon. Bradford Bury

Thomas F. Campion
Anthony M. Campisano
Carolyn V. Chang
Philip Ciprietti
Mary Coogan
Victor M. Covelli

Stacy Cozewith
Tinet and Charles Crowell
Thomas Curtin
James J. Damato
John G. De Simone
Rebecca Donington
Hon. William A. Drier
Andrew M. Epstein
Geraldine R. Eure
Eli L. Eytan
Gregory T. Farmer

Jeremy Farrell
Susan A. Feeney

Kathleen N. Fennelly
Regis Fernandez

William Ferreira
Stanley Fink

Francia Fiore
Lisa Barsky Firkser

Thomas Fischer
Arnold N. Fishman
Lora L. Fong

Norberto A. Garcia
Marc Garfinkle
Marshall L. Gates
Hon. Melvin L. Gelade
L. Anthony Gibson
Hon. Rochelle Gizinski
Henry Gorelick
Alan Gould
Hon. William Greenberg
Lori Grifa
Michael Griffinger
Claudia Guglielmo

Sharon Hallanan
Hon. C. Judson Hamlin
Thomas G. Heim
Janice Heinold
Charles W. Heuisler

Robert B. Hille
Hon. Helen E. Hoens
William R. Holzapfel
Robert A. Honecker Jr. 

Craig J. Hubert
Peter Humphreys
Cynthia Jacob

Hon. Lisa James-Beavers
Mikeisha Anderson Jones

Hon. Camille Kenny
Charles J. X. Kahwaty
Phyllis Marie Kamysek

William J. Kane
Hon. Harriet F. Klein
John Krayniak
Dennis Krumholz
Kenneth F. Kunzman

Anthony LaBue
Roger Lai
Joseph P. LaSala
Linda Lawhun
Jeralyn Lawrence
Hon. Lawrence M. Lawson
Stuart Lederman
Susan and Peter Lederman
Roberta Lee
Walter D. LeVine
Joel Leyner
Robert M. Liwacz

Raymond S. Londa
Diana C. Manning
Thomas J. Manzo
Frances S. Margolis
Fredric Marro & Associates

Hon. Hany A. Mawla
Marciano & Topazio
Lynn Blessing McDougall
Timothy F. McGoughran
Susan M. McKenna

William Mergner Jr.
Michael A. Meyer

Carole Moore
John Mossaad

Nancy Mulhern
Brian M. Murphy
Hon. Joan Bedrin Murray
Christopher Musulin
Nashel and Nashel
Edward Neafsy

Brian J. Neary
Lynn F. Newsome
Evelyn Padin
Panepinto, Panepinto & Miller
Hon. Lorraine C. Parker
Mary Lou Parker

Kathleen M. Peregoy
J.J. Pierson
John Pjeternikaj
Hon. Alan J. Pogarsky

William J. Pollinger
Hon. Stewart Pollock
Geraldine E. Ponto

Wayne J. Positan
Thomas H. Prol
Jason D. Navarino
Frank J. Nastrame
Joe Ramirez Jr.
Hon. Michael L. Ravin
Wendy Allyson Reek

Joseph P. Rem
Kenneth Rempell
Ronald and Nina Riccio
Alison Rizzo
Hon. Joseph H. Rodriguez
Meyer Rosenthal
Leonard R. Rossetti
Bruce Savitsky

John Schaffer
James Schiffer
Peter Schundler

Melissa Baggitt Scott
Sheryl Seiden
Richard M. Sevrin
Floyd Shapiro
Patty Shwartz
Diane K. Smith
Jacquelyn Spagnolo
Lewis Stein
Hon. Edwin Stern

Mary A. Stokes
Evelyn Storch
James Yu-Jen Su
Lynn Boepple Su
Margaret Leggett Tarver
Nathan Van Embden

Hon. Peter G. Verniero
Frank Viscomi
Justin P. Walder
Hon. John E. Wallace Jr.

Robert C. Ward
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Warren
Andrew Wasserman
Hon. Renee Weeks

Michael D. Weinraub
Alvin Weiss
Sydney D. Weiss
Marcia K. Werner
Michael and Barbara Wildstein
Andrew Wolf
Jason L. Wyatt
Tarella and Liftman
Lisa Trembly
Emanuel G. Tsarnas
Hon. Sue Pai Yang
Kimberly Yonta
James Youngelson

All patrons will be listed in a roll call of donors on engraved bricks to be installed on the portico of the New Jersey Law Center. 
If you would like to contribute to our $60 for 60 years campaign, please click here.


NJSBF’s Updated Guide to Municipal Court Now Available

NJSBF’s Updated Guide to Municipal Court Now Available

For anyone who has ever received a traffic ticket or a summons to appear in municipal court and didn’t know the proper procedures or what documents to bring with them to prove their case, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation has a pamphlet that can help. Most people's...

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Informing Citizens with Civics Blog

Informing Citizens with Civics Blog

If teachers are looking for civics-related material to keep their students engaged, look no further than the Bar Foundation’s civics blog, The Informed Citizen. Launched last year, the blog explains civics-related topics in plain language. Topics that were tackled...

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