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Student Courtroom News Reporter Submission Form


Student Courtroom News Reporter Competition


Submission Checklist:

  • Articles must be submitted within 24 hours of the end county trial observed. Articles received after this deadline will be disqualified.
  • Articles cannot exceed two pages.
  • PDF or MS-Word Documents are acceptable.
  • Articles must use 12-point Times New Roman Font, have one-inch margins throughout and be double spaced.
  • Article entries must be submitted electronically using the form below.
  • All entries must be approved by the sponsoring teacher(s).
  • Articles submitted must have been solely completed by the student competitor and may not be edited/altered by any other source.

Courtroom News Reporter's Information

Name of Student:
Name of Student:

School Information

Teacher's Name:
Teacher's Name:

Maximum file size: 268.44MB


I attest that the attached article was created in conformity with the rules of the New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s High School Mock Trial Student Courtroom News Reporter Competition.

The attached article describes an actual courtroom presentation observed by me on the day of competition. The attached article was created and completed solely by me without the help of any source or person.

I understand that my article submitted for judging in the NJSBF’s High School Mock Trial Courtroom News Reporter Competition becomes the property of the NJSBF and may be used for any purpose it deems appropriate, including but not limited to reproduction and dissemination by any means and through any channel, whether print, electronic or other media, including the World Wide Web.

I also attest that I did not share what was witnessed in the trial with anyone, nor did I publish, disseminate or share the attached article.


I attest that the attached article was read and approved by me to represent the school named above.

I also attest that I did not edit or offer any assistance in generating the article.