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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a positive approach that considers the needs and obligations of all stakeholders in a community. It is used in schools to build a community, prevent and address harm and conflict, provide intensive support, and help students positively re-integrate into school after an absence. Restorative practices can be considered “SEL in action” and help contribute to a positive school climate with strong relationships and opportunities to learn and grow from mistakes.


Workshops to Attend

  • Tier 1: Community Building introduces educators to the concept of restorative justice and provides strategies for implementing tier 1 community building restorative practices such as talking circles, using restorative language, and daily restorative check-ins.
  • Tier 2: Response to Harm & Conflict explores disproportionality in discipline practices and provides strategies for addressing it by implementing tier 2 restorative practices such as restorative chats, mediations, and peacemaking circles.
  • Tier 3: Reintegration & Intensive Support explores disproportionality in discipline practices and provides strategies for addressing it by implementing tier 3 restorative practices such as re-entry circles, welcome circles, and other intensive support processes.
  • Coming soon…. Implementation Planning

In-Person Training

  • New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick, NJ
  • 9 am to 3 pm (breakfast & lunch included)
  • PD Credits Earned: 5.5
  • Registration required

Virtual Training

  • Via Zoom (webcam/microphone required)
  • 3 hours (am and pm sessions)
  • PD Credits Earned: 3.0
  • Registration required

In-School/District Wide

  • Bring this training to your school or district
  • Apply HERE
  • Earn PD Credits

For questions about NJSBF trainings or to request accommodation or to inquire about accessibility for any training, please contact Jessica Taube, Director of Conflict Resolution and Anti-Bias Initiatives at jtaube@njsbf.org or call 732.937.7523.​

No Show Policy. If you are unable to attend a training after registering, please let us know. You may cancel your registration up to the day before training by emailing Bobby Espinoza at respinoza@njsbf.org or by calling 732.937.7528.

If you register and do not attend, you will be placed on our “No Show” list. Should this occur three times, you will be removed from our email list. Cancelling allows us to fill your spot with an educator from our training waiting list.