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Law Adventure Competition Registration

Please submit your entry form, with the case attached in a Word document, on or before January 31, 2024.  You must submit an entry form for each case you submit.  Student names should be listed in alphabetical order on a separate page.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Before uploading your case, read the rules booklet carefully. You must include all 8 required elements in the following order:  Facts, Issue,  Witnesses, Witness Statements, Instructions, Sub-Issues, Concepts and Law. Each case must be written by a minimum of 3 students. Please refer to our checklist for guidance.


2024 Law Adventure Competition - Grades 7 and 8 Official Entry Form

Law Adventure - Grades 7 and 8

Official Entry Form 2024

To enter the Law Adventure, please submit a separate entry form with each case you enter on or before February 7, 2024.

Valid for New Jersey Schools Only.

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