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Request a speaker from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation free Speakers Bureau.

Our volunteer attorneys are available address school, community, and senior citizens groups on many areas of the law. Attorneys typically speak for approximately 60 minutes, including time for questions. Please allow at least 60 days to schedule your request and be flexible on the date.

Download a list of topics HERE.

A virtual option is available using online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, etc. To request a speaker for your virtual event, please indicate that on the form below (where it says “Enter Speaking Location”).

Attention Attorneys:

If you would like to volunteer for the NJSBF’s Speakers Bureau, we would love to have you. To join, please fill out the Attorney Volunteer Form, or click here. For questions, contact Aracely Suto at 732-937-7521 or ASuto@njsbf.org.

To request a speaker, please complete the following form:

Speakers Bureau
Details of Engagement
If you have a specific date in mind, please indicate, but flexibility is appreciated. The more flexible the date, the more likely we can obtain a speaker for you.
Please specify AM or PM; i.e., 3 to 4 p.m.
i.e., 45 minutes. Typically attorneys speak for no more than 1 hour, including time for questions.
(required) i.e., school auditorium; senior center; etc. If your program is a virtual event, please indicate what software/platform you will be using (i.e., Zoom, Skype, etc.)
(required) i.e., school auditorium; senior center; etc. If your program is a virtual event, please indicate what software/platform you will be using (i.e., Zoom, Skype, etc.)
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Comments on Speakers Bureau….

“The speaker conveyed a warmth that made it easy for my students to listen and interact with him in a way that made his talk (and shared knowledge) well received by the student audience (8th graders).”

Josephine Brasile

Warren Middle School

“Thank you for helping to organize this talk. It is truly a wonderful service that you offer to the community and I hope we will be able to engage another speaker again soon.”
Will Haggis

Washington Township Public Libary

“Mr. Garcia knows how to share knowledge! Every person in the audience was attentive. The students felt comfortable asking questions.”
Patrick Brady

North Bergen School District

“The speaker did a great job, bringing in activities to keep the students engaged.”
Melissa Price

Penns Grove Carneys Point Regional School District

“Our patrons loved the program! Thank you!”
Therese McClachrie

Riverdale Public Library

“Ms. De Appolonio was an exemplary and informative speaker. Her relaxed and confident speaking style was not only inclusive and welcoming to our students, but also left most of them feeling most empowered  and enlightened as to what their rights and responsibilities are under the law. Thank you NJSBF!.”
Monica Goncalves

Linden High School

“The speaker was dynamic and eloquent. He instructed an attentive audience on basic consumer protection for almost 90 minutes and fielded questions after his talk.”
Alfred Encarnacion

The Stratford Public Library