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For educators who want successful methods to address

normal conflict among their student population.


For educators focusing on trauma in the context

of returning to school after remote learning.


For educators who believe students have agency when solving conflict.


For educators who know the positive impact of incorporating social

and emotional learning skills into all aspects of education.


For educators on a school climate team who want

to be proactive in creating a positive climate.


A three-workshop series for educators dealing with:

Unconscious Bias;
Talking about Race;
Being an Anti-racist


For educators who want to know effective

pedagogy to teach the Holocaust.


Takes a deeper look at the overt and covert impact of racism

and empathy, equity and equality, and class and justice, and helps

educators and students to understand the systemic themes

which arise from African American history in this country.


This training was designed to analyze the definition of

HIB in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights (ABR) that NJ schools

use to identify Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying incidents.

Violence Prevention/Anti-Bias Programs

The Foundation provides comprehensive violence prevention/ anti-bias trainings for educators that support schools in creating a positive school climate and equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to become informed and engaged citizens.

Research from the National School Climate Center has shown that a Positive School Climate is associated with:

    • Reduced violence, aggression and harassment
    • Reduced bullying behaviors
    • Decreased student (and teacher) absenteeism
    • Lower suspension rates
    • Lower reports of drug use
    • Increased self-esteem among students
    • Improved academic outcomes
    • Narrowing the achievement gap

In order to create a positive school climate, schools need to provide safe and supportive environments free from bias that provide opportunities for social emotional learning, connection to supportive adults, and civic engagement; and offer strong relationships, inclusive community, trauma informed policies, positive discipline practices, and high expectations for academic achievement. The New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s programming supports New Jersey schools in establishing: 1. Strong conflict resolution and peer mediation programs. 2. Active school climate teams and solid trauma informed and restorative anti-bullying policies. 3. Relevant social and emotional learning and anti-bias programming suitable for differing school populations.

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events. To request an accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility please contact Jessica Taube, [email protected] or 732-937-7523


PLEASE NOTE: Registration links will be released approximately two months prior to training dates. To be the first to learn about upcoming trainings, sign up for our educator email list.


If you register for and do not show up at a workshop, we will notify you that you have been placed on our “No Show” list. Should this occur three times, you will be removed from our email list.

We understand that things happen that might prevent you from attending a workshop for which you are registered. You may cancel your registration at any time up to the morning of the training by simply emailing [email protected] or by calling 732-937-7523 in order to prevent being placed on the “No Show” list.

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation is a nonprofit philanthropic and educational organization. Funding is furnished by the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey and limited to providing education to the public. Your cooperation in honoring your registration at our free workshops is essential.

Questions? Contact Jessica Taube, Director of Conflict Resolution and Anti-Bias Initiatives at [email protected] or 732-937-7523.