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Social Emotional Character Development

The NJSBF has a training and guide for educators that integrates the five competencies of social and emotional learning into the classroom: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Educators will learn to incorporate these core SEL concepts into the classroom through lessons, journaling, and habits.

This program is FREE for educators. In person trainings are from 9am-3pm and offer 5.5 professional development credits. Virtual trainings are 3 hours at various times and offer 3 professional development credits. Please note that all programs are virtual until further notice. Please visit our Events Page to see our current offerings.

All in person trainings max out at 30 participants and virtual trainings at 60 participants. To be put on a wait list for a training, please click here.

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events. To request an accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility please contact Jessica Taube, [email protected] or 732-937-7523


PLEASE NOTE: Registration links will be released approximately two months prior to training dates. To be the first to learn about upcoming trainings, sign up for our educator email list.

A group of New Jersey educators interact at the Foundation’s Social Emotional Character Development training.

Social Emotional Character Development Guide Handouts

A resource for educators who have attended the Social Emotional Character Development training at the Bar Foundation.

Virtual Training Handouts

The following handouts correspond with the VIRTUAL Social Emotional Character Development training. To be the first to learn of new training dates, click here.

Group Agreements
Use this handout to allow your students to determine comfortable rules of engagement for the class.

The Benefits of SEL
This handout highlights both student and educator benefits based on research. It also lists the components of a successful SEL program.

Motivational Factors for Learning
External and internal motivation are both factors when motivating students to learn. This handout highlights psychological safety and Deci’s self-determination theory.

Sharing Stress
This handout provides space for students and teachers to reflect on how stress and anxiety show up in their lives.

Emotional Regulation
This handout offers suggestions on how to replenish your energy and avoid burnout.

Educator Stress Self-Assessment
This handout can be used to gauge stress among educators and staff.

How to Be Empathetic
This handout provides guidelines on how to be empathetic. It also includes sample empathetic questions and potential pair share questions that can be used to practice empathy.

Problem Dissector
This handout can be used to think of the origin of a particular problem.

Problem Solver
This handout can be used to think of possible solutions to a problem with the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Participant Workbook
This workbook is intended to be used when participating in the virtual Social Emotional Character Development workshop.

Social Emotional Character Development Virtual Resource List 2021-2022


If you register for and do not show up at a workshop, we will notify you that you have been placed on our “No Show” list. Should this occur three times, you will be removed from our email list.

We understand that things happen that might prevent you from attending a workshop for which you are registered. You may cancel your registration at any time up to the morning of the training by simply emailing [email protected] or by calling 732-937-7523 in order to prevent being placed on the “No Show” list.

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