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Many middle and high school teachers are required to teach the Holocaust to their students and don’t know where to begin. Some may even find the subject matter intimidating. With its program, How to Teach the Holocaust, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation provides guidance on tackling this sensitive topic.

How to Teach the Holocaust is an interactive workshop designed to give educators the pedagogy behind successfully teaching the Holocaust. Each educator who attends the Foundation’s program will be introduced to the Echoes & Reflections Online Resource. This online resource includes visual history testimonies, primary source materials, instructional strategies to promote critical thinking, videos and so much more. This program is a partnership between the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and the Anti-Defamation League.

This program is FREE for educators and geared toward middle and high school teachers. This program is FREE for educators. All trainings are from 9am-3pm. Participants who attend the full training will receive 5.5 professional development credits. Please note that this workshop is only offered in person and is on hold while our programs are virtual. Please visit our Events Page to see our current offerings and check back with us later in the year to see if we are offering in person workshops again.

Please click on the buttons below to register for a specific training. All trainings max out at 30 participants. To be put on a wait list for the training, please email Jessica Taube at with the following information: name; school name; date of the training you would like to attend; email address; and phone number.


PLEASE NOTE: Registration links will be released two months prior to training dates. To be the first to learn about upcoming trainings, sign up for our educator email list.

Survivors’ Accounts

Holocaust survivor Gina Lanceter (sitting) relates the story of how she escaped from a train—that would have taken her to the death camps—through a window (a replica is held by her daughter Dina Cohen). Her powerful story of survival was told at the Foundation’s How to Teach the Holocaust training.

Holocaust survivor David Tuck visits the New Jersey State Bar Foundation during the How to Teach the Holocaust training.  He shares his extraordinary experience of survival in the Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Mauthausen  and numerous other camps in this hour-long video.

Bella Miller, a Holocaust survivor, shares her experiences with NJ educators at the Foundation’s How to Teach the Holocaust training. She spoke of her life before the war, her time in hiding, her experiences at Auschwitz and the period after the war, known as “Return to Life.”


If you register for and do not show up at a workshop, we will notify you that you have been placed on our “No Show” list. Should this occur two times, you will be removed from our email list.

We understand that things happen that might prevent you from attending a workshop for which you are registered. You may cancel your registration at any time up to the morning of the training by simply emailing or by calling 732-937-7523 in order to prevent being placed on the “No Show” list.

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation is a nonprofit philanthropic and educational organization. Funding is furnished by the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey and limited to providing education to the public. The Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling its mission despite limited funding that is significantly impacted by market interest rates. Your cooperation in honoring your registration at our free workshops is essential.

What attendees had to say….

“After over 20 years of teaching the Holocaust, I wasn’t sure if I would find something more I could use to enhance my instruction, but here I did. [The] delivery and the content…shared—especially the phenomenal Echoes and Reflections Lesson Guide—have extended to me a world of possibilities when it comes to bringing this extremely difficult and incredibly important subject, one that will be always relevant, to all ages.”

Jay Wecht

ELA Teacher (7th grade)

“Everything is laid out to teach – no muss, no fuss, fantastic hands-on lessons! I would recommend to anyone!”


Reading Language Arts Teacher (8th grade)

“The Holocaust is often difficult to teach. This workshop will inspire anyone who is faced with this challenging task, making the job so much easier because of all the wonderful resources that are shared with workshop participants.”

Al Mohmann

English Teacher