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The Legal Eagle’s fall issue contains articles on Ticketmaster price gouging, 17-year-olds voting in NJ primaries, and loosening child labor laws. A PDF of the Legal Eagle’s fall 2023 issue can be downloaded or individual articles can be read and/or printed from The Legal Eagle’s blog, The Lowdown.

Any questions, contact the editor of The Legal Eagle, Jodi L. Miller. She can be reached via email at jmiller@njsbf.org.

Here are the headlines from The Legal Eagle’s Fall 2023 Edition:

Ticketmaster’s Practices Take the Spotlight

Seeing Taylor Swift live with thousands of other “Swifties” wasn’t supposed to be impossible. In November 2022, when tickets for Swift’s “Eras” tour went on sale, Ticketmaster customers encountered website crashes, sparse availability, unusable presale access codes, and outrageous prices. READ MORE

How Young is Too Young to Work?

Faced with a nationwide labor shortage since the COVID-19 pandemic, several states, including New Jersey, have loosened their child labor laws to help employee-strapped businesses hire more staff. READ MORE

New Jersey Considers Lowering the Voting Age for Primaries

IAre you itching to cast a ballot in your first election? If you’re 17, you may get the chance. New Jersey may be joining a growing number of states that are expanding electoral rights by adjusting the state voting age. READ MORE

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