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Vincent J. Apruzzese High School Mock Trial Competition Form

Italian Trulli

Vincent J. Apruzzese High School Mock Trial Competition

Official 2024 Entry Form

Sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation in cooperation with New Jersey’s county bar associations and the New Jersey State Bar Association.

In order to enter the competition, the teacher-coach must complete and submit this Official Entry Form. All fields are required, and your entry must be received no later than October 27, 2023.

Valid for New Jersey Schools Only.

School Address
School Address
Contact Information:
Please check the following where applicable:
Are you interested in pre-competition scrimmages (October – December 2023)?
Please note: If you checked off “yes,” your contact information will be added to our forthcoming Scrimmage Directory.  Steps to access the directory and arrange dates/times for scrimmages will be provided in October.  This process will allow YOU to arrange for scrimmages directly with other interested teacher-coaches without requesting assistance from NJSBF.

All participants (teachers, attorney-coaches, students) must complete the Code of Conduct form. These need to be submitted electronically using the form on our website. All Code of Conduct forms are due by December 1.

Your Digital Signature:
By submitting this form and entering my initials below, I certify that the statements above are true, and that I am the Official Team Teacher-Coach.
To digitally sign, please select one of the two icons. If you select the blue pen you'll be able to use your mouse and sign within the box or you can click the keyboard to type out your signature.