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SECD Virtual Training Handouts

The following handouts correspond with the VIRTUAL Social Emotional Character Development training. To be the first to learn of new training dates, click here.

Group Agreements

Use this handout to allow your students to determine comfortable rules of engagement for the class.

The Benefits of SEL

This handout highlights both student and educator benefits based on research. It also lists the components of a successful SEL program.

How to Promote SEL in Distance Learning

This handout offers ideas on how to incorporate SEL into distance learning.

Motivational Factors for Learning

External and internal motivation are both factors when motivating students to learn. This handout highlights psychological safety and Deci’s self-determination theory.

Pleasant, Good, Meaningful Life

This handout provides a space to think about how happiness manifests in your life and highlights areas to work on to become a happier person.

Educator Stress Self-Assessment

This handout can be used to gauge stress among educators and staff.

How to Be Empathetic

This handout provides guidelines on how to be empathetic. It also includes sample empathetic questions and potential pair share questions that can be used to practice empathy.

Problem Dissector

This handout can be used to think of the origin of a particular problem.

Problem Solver

This handout can be used to think of possible solutions to a problem with the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Participant Workbook

This workbook is intended to be used when participating in the virtual Social Emotional Character Development workshop.