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For anyone who has ever received a traffic ticket or a summons to appear in municipal court and didn’t know the proper procedures or what documents to bring with them to prove their case, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation has a pamphlet that can help.

Most people’s exposure to the courts is through the municipal court system. Your Guide to Municipal Court is a 12-page pamphlet that updates our previous pamphlet and outlines your basic rights when appearing in municipal court. Hopefully explaining what is expected of defendants when appearing in municipal court will alleviate whatever fears they may have.

Written by a certified municipal court lawyer, the revised pamphlet covers such topics as your rights regarding traffic stops, plea bargaining, the municipal court process and procedures, appealing a municipal court decision and seeking legal assistance.

Hard copies of Your Guide to Municipal Court may be ordered using our Publication Order Form. A pdf of the pamphlet is also available for download from our website on our Publication Page (just open the Publications for the Public toggle).

Your Guide to Municipal Court is also available in Spanish. Hard copies may be ordered with our Publication Order Form. A pdf is available for download from our Publication Page.