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The New Jersey State Bar Foundation has created a series of interactive anti-bias workshops called Why We Bully. Each workshop helps educators better understand the bias behind bias-based bullying incidents.

All Why We Bully training participants will be provided relevant materials to incorporate into their schools.

This program is FREE for educators. All in-person trainings are from 9am-3pm. Participants who attend the full training will receive 5.5 professional development credits. Please note that until further notice all workshops are virtual and are 2 to 3 hours in length. 2 or 3 PD credits will be awarded depending on the length of the workshop.

Please click on the Events Page to register for a specific virtual training. There are no wait lists for virtual workshops. If people cancel, spots will become available so check back at our events page often.

All in-person trainings max out at 30 participants. To be put on a wait list for the training, please email Jessica Taube at with the following information: name; school name; date of the training you would like to attend; email address; and phone number.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration links will be released two months prior to training dates. To be the first to learn about upcoming trainings, sign up for our educator email list

The Unconscious Bias training will introduce participants to the concept of unconscious (or implicit) bias in themselves and in others. This training will demonstrate to participants the many ways that unconscious bias manifests itself. It will also identify strategies to address unconscious bias in ourselves and in our school population.

This training was designed to analyze the definition of HIB in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights (ABR) that NJ schools use to identify Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying incidents. The training takes a cultural look at the specific characteristics listed in the definition of HIB and helps educators understand them more clearly. This makes it easier for educators to properly identify HIB incidents.

Issues of race and ethnicity have been coming to the forefront more recently in schools. Educators may have felt lost in how to talk about race with their students. This training will give educators a clearer idea of the difference between race and ethnicity. It will also teach about significant moments in our history pertaining to race, address the idea of privilege and help educators examine their own privilege. The training also gives educators the opportunity to practice responding to issues of race in their schools. Educators will leave knowing that it is NOT their responsibility to solve the race issues in our country, but it is their responsibility to create an open forum for students to express their feelings, frustrations and fears.


If you register for and do not show up at a workshop, we will notify you that you have been placed on our “No Show” list. Should this occur two times, you will be removed from our email list.

We understand that things happen that might prevent you from attending a workshop for which you are registered. You may cancel your registration at any time up to the morning of the training by simply emailing or by calling 732-937-7523 in order to prevent being placed on the “No Show” list.

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation is a nonprofit philanthropic and educational organization. Funding is furnished by the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey and limited to providing education to the public. The Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling its mission despite limited funding that is significantly impacted by market interest rates. Your cooperation in honoring your registration at our free workshops is essential.

What attendees had to say….

“This workshop was enlightening and important for anyone working with students and families, especially in diverse settings. I highly recommend it.”

Noreen Potterton

Social Worker

“Great workshop. I learned so much. I need to go home and process all this information. The world around us influences our bias so much – unbelievable!”


“Thank you for making tough topics easily understood. My staff and students will be better served and educated going forward. TIME TO TURNKEY!!”

Lou Waibel

Fourth Grade Teacher

“Extremely comprehensive. This training covers background knowledge to make sure you will get the most out of this training. The activities and discussions challenge you to confront your own prejudices in a safe and accepting environment. Highly recommend.”

Joseph Lee

School Counselor

“This was one of the best workshops that I’ve ever been to. It is so refreshing to have an open conversation about issues of race with educators and mental health professionals focused on making systemic change.”

Inessa Vaccaro

Student Assistance Counselor

“In the decade I have attended trainings, this ‘Why We Bully’ series has been the best. They have been informative, well organized, thought provoking, engaging and REAL. The presenters did an EXTRAORDINARY job. I would recommend them to all my colleagues.”

Eridania Towns

School-Based Mental Health Specialist