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Breaking Bias: Lessons from the Amistad

Thank you for your interest in the Breaking Bias: Lessons from the Amistad curriculum. By taking a deeper look at the overt and covert impact of racism and empathy, equity and equality, class and justice, educators and students will come to understand the systemic themes which arise from African American history in this country. The Foundation’s six-unit curriculum specifically focuses on how African Americans have not only been victims but agents of their own change throughout history, how racial oppression has transformed over time in the U.S. and what our responsibilities are, both individually and collectively, to respond to racism.

Each unit works to answer essential questions and is broken into themes. Each theme provides an elementary, middle and high school lesson on that topic. Handouts for each lesson are available to download for students. The handouts are fillable PDFs and can be used virtually with students. Before working with students, please read the background information on the theme you will teach, which can be found in the full Unit PDF’s. We also recommend reading the Creating Brave Spaces document.

African Civilizations Background Unit

Unit One – What is Race? What is a Social Construct?

Unit Two – Dehumanization—Enslaved People

Unit Three -The Reconstruction Era

Units 4 and 5 Coming Soon