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Breaking Bias: Lessons from the Amistad Curriculum

Thank you for registering for the Breaking Bias: Lessons from the Amistad curriculum. Each unit works to answer essential questions and is broken into themes. Each theme provides an elementary, middle and high school lesson on that topic. Handouts for each lesson are available to download for students. The handouts are fillable PDFs and can be used virtually with students.

Before working with students, please read the background information on the theme you will teach. We also recommend reading the Creating Brave Spaces document. 

Creating Brave Spaces

Unit Two – Dehumanization—Enslaved People
(Full Unit)


Scroll down to see the lessons included in each theme.

Theme One – What is chattel slavery and how did it dehumanize Black people?

The Worth of a Slave
Grades 3-5

Slavery Built America Lesson Plan
Grades 3-5

The Worth of a Slave Lesson Plan
Grades 6-8

Slavery’s Enduring Myths and Misconceptions Lesson Plan
Grades 9-12

Unit One and Two Alignment of Lessons to NJ Student Learning Standards, Social Studies


Unit Two Glossary