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NJSBF School Climate Coaching 2023-2024

New Jersey State Bar Foundation:
School Climate Coaching 2023-2024


School and district climate improvement requires ongoing planning and collaboration among key stakeholders, and schools/districts benefit from individualized coaching. NJSBF has launched a pilot to provide 10 free hours of coaching to up to 5 schools/districts who have demonstrated their commitment to school climate improvement. To be considered, a group from a school/district must have participated in at least 2 NJSBF school/district workshops at their site or on zoom and must have an active school climate team or equivalent/similar team at the district level. Participating schools/districts must agree to provide NJSBF with follow up data to measure impact of the steps taken after the coaching sessions and must fill out a form at the end of the 10 hours outlining the plan that was developed.

NJSBF School Climate Coaching Application 2023-2024

The deadline to apply is March 8th and eligible applicants will be chosen by a team at NJSBF.

School Climate Couching 2023 - 2024

Applicant Name
Applicant Name
10 hours of coaching will be provided to selected applicants

  • The information included in this application is true to the best of our knowledge
  • Should we be selected, we will coordinate directly and in a timely manner with a coach assigned by NJSBF to schedule the coaching sessions
  • Our school/district will provide NJSBF with the NJSBF school climate improvement plan form at the end of the 10 hours
  • Our school/district will respond to a request from NJSBF in 3-6 months to provide data on how the plan implementation is going and what improvements have been noted