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Education Issues

K-12 Educators
The Pushcart Players (one of the Foundation’s cosponsors) is offering access to a video of its theatrical production A More Perfect Union, along with lesson plans suitable for distance learning. For more information, click here

From College Board, information regarding opportunities for taking the SATs.

EdWeek offers 7 Tips for Remote Teaching that includes a handy infographic.

There has been some privacy issues for school in using videoconference platforms.  EdWeek provides a guide to safe videoconferencing, which you can download with this link.

Teachers who have questions about delivery of educational services, school district operations, helping their students to feel safe or managing virtual instruction can find resources from the New Jersey Education Association.

Standardized Testing: Due to the Coronavirus, all states have received waivers for standardized testing. See this post from the Education Week blog.

AP Exams: Due to the Coronavirus, the College Board will offer Advanced Placement online exams in May. The exams will include only topics and skills most AP teachers and students have already covered in class. AP exams provide a chance to earn college credit. For details and schedules, click here.

The PTO Today Leader Lowdown provides articles, how-to guides and activities to help parents, PTOs and PTAs deal with school closings and the pandemic. In our own state, for example, the Spotswood PTA celebrated a Virtual School Spirit Week to bring school communities together. The online publication features creative ideas from across the country for parent group communication designed to help create a sense of community as well as teacher appreciation. For more information visit ptotoday.com.

Colleges & Universities

Your college or university website is the best source for questions on housing, food service, Internet support and information regarding refunds for room, board, dining plans and other services that have been suspended due to the pandemic. Federally-held student loans are being suspended and all federal student loan interest rates have been reduced to 0 percent for at least 60 days. Read this statement from the U.S. Department of Education.

The American College Health Association (ACHA) Task Force prepared guidelines for college health staff to prepare for coronavirus disease and related issues. Download the pdf here. The ACHA Task Force also provides frequent updates to its guidance.

The CDC released general guidelines regarding all foreign programs run by universities and colleges.

The Hope Center released a guide on how to best support college students. Download the pdf here. Since all in-person mental health services and counseling are no longer available during the crisis, may universities have put remote counseling services in place. Again, information can be found on individual college and university websites.