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NJSBF Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

State Bar Foundation Advocates Confronting Racism with Education

An integral part of the New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s mission is to foster increased awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the legal system. We cannot do that without acknowledging that systemic racism is a deep-seated flaw of our system, and a barrier to its ultimate goal of equal justice.

The killing of George Floyd and other bias-motivated violence in this country has, once again, brought this barrier into sharp focus. The Foundation and its leadership unequivocally condemn these horrific acts. We see the pain and trauma that so many among us are feeling, and the fervent desire to enact change.

That is why we also want to invoke another tenet of our mission: to serve as a statewide resource for law-related education. We remain staunchly dedicated to this essential part of our mission and will continue to work with leaders in education and the community to effect change in our justice system through education.

The Foundation has historically created and provided educational resources on bias, institutional racism and civil rights — including the right to peaceful protest — for educators, students and our communities across the state. Below we link to a number of articles on these subjects from our publications for students, “The Legal Eagle” and “Respect.” PDFs of past editions of the newsletter may also be found on our Publications Page.

In addition, every year, hundreds of educators across New Jersey attend our anti-bias and and anti-bullying workshops, programs we are currently expanding. We also are proud of the work we have done providing sponsorships and grants to organizations who are doing important work related to civil rights and access to justice  in our state.

There are many worthy ideas for reform and healing floating around in the public discourse today. But one inarguable notion is that education is central to any path forward. The New Jersey State Bar Foundation is committed to providing that education, and we encourage you to call on us, as well as provide feedback so that we may all learn, together.

 Some articles to get you started: