Medal of Honor Award

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s Medal of Honor Award is given annually to lawyers and law-related professionals, as well as lay people, who best exemplify either or both of the following criteria:

  • significant contribution to the advancement or improvement of the justice system or the betterment of the legal profession in New Jersey
  • professional excellence as demonstrated by accomplishments in the law; or service to the profession and the community during their careers.

Nominations for this prestigious award are currently being accepted with a deadline of February 28, 2020. Click below for more information or contact Mary Jean Barnes at 732-937-7507 or via email at [email protected].

Award recipients will be recognized at the Medal of Honor Awards Dinner on September 21, 2020 at the Park Chateau in East Brunswick, NJ. The Dinner is the Foundation’s biggest fundraising event of the year and a celebration of the Honorees and the Foundation’s achievements.

Check out photos from the 2019 Medal of Honor Awards Dinner held at the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in East Brunswick on September 16, 2019.

Thank You to Everyone Who Made the 2019 Medal of Honor a Huge Success!

2019 Medal of Honor recipients

We are excited to report that the money raised will allow us to continue to fulfill our important mission of educating and inspiring the public through FREE services and innovative programs about how the law impacts our everyday lives – programs that not only teach, but instill an appreciation of justice and foster good citizenship.

Recapping the Evening

The 2019 Medal of Honor Awards Dinner, held at the Park Chateau in East Brunswick, attracted 410 attendees and was a rousing success, generating the most revenue in the event’s history!

Guests enjoyed delicious appetizers and tasty libations during the Cocktail Reception, as they perused the raffle baskets of wines and took their chance at the Wine Pull. The program started at 7 pm, with a video scrapbook of the Foundation’s achievements for the year playing in the Ballroom as guests took their seats.

Norberto A. Garcia, Esq., President of the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and the event’s Master of Ceremonies, welcomed all attendees and thanked all of our volunteers, supporters and guests. 

Evelyn Padin, Esq., President of the New Jersey State Bar Association, confirmed the importance of the Foundation’s work and the significance of the Bar’s participation in serving the public.

It was then time to get the crowd fired up! Craig Hubert, Esq. and Tom Manzo, Esq., our volunteer auctioneers for the evening gave away several prizes and the held a live auction of two lots of wines. The bidding was fierce and the true oenophiles in the audience were revealed.

After some fundraising fun, the audience was ready for the presentation of the Medal of Honor to the 2019 honorees—Ralph J. Lamparello, Esq. and Shirley Berger Whitenack, Esq. Gary Werner, Esq., Managing Partner of Schenck, Price, Smith & King, introduced Ms. Whitenack. The Honorable Peter F. Bariso, Jr., Assignment Judge in Hudson County, introduced Mr. Lamparello. It was a perfect end to a lovely evening!

Our thanks to the Dinner Committee, the Board, our Dinner Sponsors, Journal advertisers, prize donors, and all who attended this amazing annual event. Your generosity will allow us to continue to serve thousands of people every year.

Thank you to our 2019 Medal of Honor Sponsors

Check Out 2019 Medal of Honor Sponsors and Supporters

Take a look at an electronic version of the 2019 Medal of Honor Awards Dinner Ad Journal. Click here to look at the flipbook. 

Past Medal of Honor Recipients

1988—Vincent J. Apruzzese, Esq.
1988—Matthias D. Dileo, Esq.
1989—Hon. Richard J. Hughes
1990—Hon. Stanley S. Brotman
1991—Daniel L. Golden, Esq.
1991—Joseph M. Nolan, Esq.
1992—Fred W. Friendly
1992—Melville D. Miller Jr., Esq.
1993—Hon. John F. Gerry
1993—James O’Brien
1994—Dean Ronald J. Riccio
1994—Miriam L. Murphy
1995—Hon. John J. Gibbons
1995—Lois A. Winnberg
1996—Hon. Samuel G. DeSimone
1996—Paulette Brown, Esq.
1997—Murray L. Cole, Esq.
1997—Walter N. Read, Esq.
1998—James Youngelson, Esq.
1998—Alan I. Gould, Esq.
1999—Hon. Joseph L. Rodriguez
1999—Thomas F. Campion, Esq.


2000—Hon. Marilyn Loftus
2000—James McCloskey
2001—Hon. Marie Garibaldi
2001—Raymond R. Trombadore, Esq.
2002—Raymond A. Brown, Esq.
2002—Joseph H. Kenney, Esq.
2002—Nancy Erika Smith, Esq.*
2002—Raymond A. Noble, Esq.*
2003—Justice James H. Coleman Jr.
2003—Saul A. Wolfe, Esq.
2004—Hon. Sylvia Pressler
2004—William John Kane, Esq.
2005—Hon. Anne E. Thompson
2005—Joel A. Leyner, Esq.
2006—Hon. Martin L. Haines
2006—Professor Paula A. Franzese
2007—Hon. Daniel J. O’Hern
2007—Thomas R. Curtin, Esq.
2008—Hon. William A. Dreier
2008—Hon. Stewart G. Pollack
2009—William S. Greenberg, Esq.
2009—David E. Johnson Jr., Esq.

2010—Hon. James R. Zazzali
2010—Hon. Renee J. Weeks
2011—Hon. L. Anthony Gibson
2011—Cynthia M. Jacob, Esq.
2012—Hon. John E. Wallace Jr.
2012—David H. Dugan III, Esq.
2013—Richard J. Badolato, Esq.
2013—Michael R. Griffinger, Esq.
2014—Hon. Helen E. Hoens
2014—Raymond S. Londa, Esq.
2015—Hon. Edwin H. Stern
2015—Hon. Lawrence M. Lawson
2016—Hon. Peter G. Verniero
2016—Wayne J. Positan
2017—Hon. Marie White Bell
2017—Joseph P. LaSala, Esq
2018—Hon. Linda R. Feinberg, AJSC (Ret.)
2018—Justin P. Walder, Esq.
2019—Ralph J. Lamparello, Esq.
2019—Shirley Berger Whitenack, Esq.

*In recognition of the generous contributions of the legal community on behalf of the victims of 9/11.