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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization and the New Jersey State Bar Foundation is no exception. As a New Jersey attorney, you can help the Foundation make a difference by sharing your expertise. There are young student leaders eager for a role model, community groups looking for a speaker, and residents in search of information.

The Foundation gives attorneys many ways to serve the public. Be a speaker in our free Speakers Bureau; volunteer your time to help coach a mock trial team or judge a competition; agree to be a source for a Legal Eagle or Respect article. Let us know you’re interested and we’ll connect you to opportunities.

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NOTE:  You must be a current, paid-up member of the New Jersey State Bar Association to participate in Foundation activities. 

“Everyone in life should have the opportunity to work with an organization where the time spent working brings a sense of having a positive impact on others that is tenfold to the time spent. That has been my volunteer experience with the Foundation for over 20 years. It has enhanced my professional standing and had a major impact on my legal career. The Foundation has allowed me to help forge a relationship between one of New Jersey’s law schools and Covenant House—now at risk young people can get access to the social and legal services they need in places like Atlantic City and Newark. No words can describe the importance of making sure that at risk women now have access to information about their legal rights. I have had the opportunity to help shape mock trial topics so that children from all over the state can learn to be advocates, not only in the context of a competition, but to give them the skill so that they can ultimately be able to advocate for themselves. I can think of no organization in the state that impacts such a broad group of people: from grade school to high school; seniors; the infirm; those with special needs; the disaffected and disenfranchised; the oppressed. The Foundation impacts all of the huddled masses.”
Stuart Lederman

NJSBF Past President, Member of The Legal Eagle Editorial Board

This is what other volunteers had to say about the Foundation….

“If you want the next generation of students to better understand the law and what we as lawyers do, become a volunteer for the Bar Foundation.”
Jack Henschel

NJSBF Past President, Chair of The Legal Eagle Editorial Board

“I am proud to help the State Bar Foundation eradicate bullying and teach respect and dignity by providing free training to New Jersey school teachers and staff. We build a better future through education.”
Thomas H. Prol

NJSBA Immediate Past President

“The satisfaction of volunteering with the Foundation is in seeing how its efforts bring the public closer to the law and our judicial system. Our programs help people see that the law is not just an institution but a living, ongoing conversation about our values and civic duties. The opportunity to share in that conversation is a blessing.”
Jack Gillick

NJSBF Trustee, Member of The Legal Eagle & Respect Editorial Boards, Member Law Adventure Committee

…about our Mock Trial Program….

“I have been involved in the NJSBF’s High School Mock Trial Program since I was a freshman in high school. After law school, I served as an attorney coach. I have been serving as a county coordinator for the Mock Trial Program for six years now and have been asked when I will “pass the torch” on to someone else. My response is always, ‘I love the program and despite the amount of effort it takes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.’ I would encourage attorneys to volunteer for this wonderful program that helps shape future attorneys.”
Rebecca C. Lafferty

NJSBF Mock Trial Coordinator, Atlantic County

“Watching the winning elementary and middle school students perform their winning case entries that show their understanding of our justice system and for many their desire to grow up and become a lawyer is such a treat that makes me proud of our schools, our country and the legal profession.”
Deborah Factor

Member Law Adventure Committee, High School Mock Trial Competition Judge

“Volunteering as a High School Mock Trial Judge and, later, as a member of the Committee, serves as a reminder of all of the opportunities practicing law can offer as well as providing a positive outlet to encourage and mentor budding future members of the bar. On a more personal level, it has given me a great network of attorneys from across the state and all areas of practice whom I truly look forward to working with collaboratively.”
Gina L. Campanella

Member Mock Trial Committee, judge for high school mock trial competition

“I have been practicing law for over 20 years and hope to practice another 20. When I look back on my career in law, there is no doubt that my long association with the Vincent J. Apruzzese Mock Trial Program will be one of greatest highlights. Knowing we help shape the lives and future careers of high school students throughout the state by giving them the opportunity to participate in trial practice has been a truly rewarding experience.”
Kathleen M. Dotoli

Member Mock Trial Committee

“I have been coaching mock trial since its inception. I find it is the most rewarding activity for students, because they learn to think on their feet, think for themselves, a great outlet to socialize with fellow classmates and students from other schools. The skills they learn will take them through life.”
David Pfeifer

Member Mock Trial Committee, Teacher-Coach

““I have been working with the Foundation as a County Coordinator, judge and now a Committee member for about 20 years. I love working with the Foundation on Mock Trial. It gives me the opportunity to create a program for students and then see that program in action when I sit as a judge at the county competition. The passion and preparation that the students bring to the event is amazing and it renews my love for the law every year.”
Paul J. Endler

Member Mock Trial Committee, mock trial judge, former Mock Trial Coordinator, Union County

…about participating in our Speakers Bureau…

“Speaking to the public about legal and historical issues is incredibly rewarding. Folks of all political persuasions are always enthusiastic for knowledge and open discussions are an excellent forum to share views in our increasingly polarized society.”
Gary Potters

Speakers Bureau Member, recently spoke at Union Public Library on constitutional law

“I have been a speaker for the Foundation for over a decade. I find that the most satisfying aspect of speaking is hearing from members of the public and receiving feedback from elementary school students in inner cities who are respectful, curious, and want to gain knowledge about our legal processes. I am honored to serve the public in this fashion.”
Sheryl Mintz Goski

Speakers Bureau Member, recently spoke at Washington Twp Public Library on the Electoral College

“Many of us get in a routine and interact with the same people every day – mostly other attorneys and judges. The Speakers Bureau provides an opportunity to meet individuals from all walks of life, many of whom have had limited interaction with the legal system. It also allows us to share our legal experience with our neighbors while learning from their life experiences.”
Eizabeth Rebein

Speakers Bureau Member, recently spoke to senior citizens on constitutional law

“I can’t stress enough the impact a speaker can have on children. The speaker I most remember was the Hon. Anne E. Thompson, then Mercer County Prosecutor. She made me believe that I could grow up and be a lawyer. I hope I made those children believe it too! Participating in the Speakers Bureau has allowed me to make a difference in the lives of children by helping them believe that they can grow up in Trenton, go to school in Trenton and become a lawyer who works in Trenton, but makes a difference statewide!”
Tracy Thompson

Speakers Bureau Member, recently spoke at Joyce Kilmer Middle School in Trenton (her alma mater)

…about our publications.

“What impresses me most about the Foundation is its ability to tackle, in a non-partisan manner, the legal implications surrounding the most important social issues impacting the lives of our students. Be it issues of equality, immigration, search and seizure, the First Amendment—the Bar Foundation deals with them in a way the students can understand and relate, offering them a calm and rational voice in a very chaotic world.”
Robyn B. Gigl

NJSBF Trustee, Member Respect Editorial Advisory Board

“I can’t think of a better way to volunteer than for the Foundation with its vast array of timely information and programs available to all the citizens of New Jersey. Making a difference in the lives of people from young children to senior citizens is a gratifying experience, both personally and professionally. I cannot count the times I have shared brochures prepared by the Foundation or provided our website to those who need help in negotiating situations in their lives.”
Mary M. Ace

Former NJSBF Trustee and member of The Legal Eagle & Respect Editorial Advisory Boards

“Working with the Bar Foundation gives me the opportunity to give back to the community, and not just the legal community. Through my involvement with the editorial boards, we are able to impart knowledge to the public, especially students.”
Risa M. Chalfin

Member The Legal Eagle and Respect Editorial Advisory Boards